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South Korean Pres. Moon Jae In called for immediate talks between the US and North Korea

Written by on September 23, 2021

Equatorial Guinea Vice President Teodorin Nguenna Obiang Mangue’s COVID-19 vaccine will sell for his people the valuable items confiscated from him.

This was the decision of the US Department of Justice on the confiscated ill-gotten wealth of Mangue.

The luxury cars will cost up to $ 27-million including the $ 275,000 jewel-encrusted gloves of the late Michael Jackson.

The court decision was issued after the 2014 forfeiture agreement between the US and Obiang.

The Vice President was accused of obtaining the assets illegally.

According to the US Department of Justice, $ 19.25 million will go to the United Nations for the purchase of vaccines in the Central African country while $ 6.35 million will be donated to a US-based charity for the purchase and distribution of medicines and medical supplies in Equatorial Guinea. .

Based on the settlement agreement between Obiang that it will sell his mansion in Malibu, California which was sold for $ 30-M, a Ferrari car and some memorabilia of Michael Jackson.

It also empowers the US to keep $ 10.3-M of the proceeds while the remaining funds will be spent on programs for the benefit of the citizens of Equatorial Guinea.

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