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Ministered by Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol

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Weekdays 4:30 am 5:30 am
Sundays 4:30 am 6:00 am
Saturdays 4:30 am 5:30 am

Salita ng Buhay

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Salita ng Buhay  |                                                                                                                                                       

Let God’s words be our guiding light as we face another day.

As we open our eyes every morning, let us thank God for the gift of life and strength that He is continuously giving. Since the bible declares in Psalms 119:105, “Thy Word is the lamp unto my feet and the light unto my path”, we’re bringing you this program, SALITA NG BUHAY, as early as 4:30 to 5:00 in the morning. It is being ministered by the true Sent-One of God in the end time, the goodman of the house, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol.

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