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We’re half way this 2021 as we welcome the 7th month of the year.

As we bravely continue facing each day that passes by, let hope and inspiration guide us along the way.

We give you three (3) new drama series that will surely be loved by you because you can tune in to them anytime, anywhere here in our TAGUMPAY SA LABAN NG BUHAY PODCAST.

We will hear the story of YASSER, a son who was left by his mother in the guardianship of his grandparents.

Let’s know how he withstood all the struggles in his life in the drama series entitled “KAHIT KAUNTING TAWAD” (Even A Little Mercy).

Next is a story about a girl who was thought to be out of her mind because of her unexplainable actions but is actually facing an extra-ordinary struggle. Intrigued?

Listen to the story of BEBENG entitled “WHITE LADY”.

We’ll also get to know about ANDRES who dreamed of having a successful married life but things didn’t go the way he wished them to be.

Tune in to this drama series entitled “KASAL” (Wedding).

Tagumpay sa Laban ng Buhay

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Aklat ng Buhay

Enjoy listening to these stories from the program AKLAT NG BUHAY.

GOD always has HIS servants whom HE is calling and sending to accomplish a specific task or mission. The BIBLE tells us a lot of stories about these great people of GOD and how they experienced HIS marvelous works and wonders.

This month of JULY, we bring you a new bible drama series that you will surely enjoy tuning in entitled “ANG MGA PROPETA NG DIOS” (The Prophets of GOD) here in our AKLAT NG BUHAY PODCAST.

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Also, take a look at our pictures as we visit some of our avid listeners to whom we shared the words of God and prayed for them personally. Be blessed!

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